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Corporate Profile
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Information Systems Ltd.


Corporate Profile


enHansen Information Systems Ltd. is a private Company that was Federally incorporated in June of 1992 with its head office in Coleman, Alberta, Canada. It delivers its services via resources that include its current, two, full-time employees and via its associates from time-to-time as required.


enHansen addresses Enterprise business-challenges via its personally-committed services that include project-management services and both management- and technical-consulting services associated with the application of computer-, electronic-communications-, security- and networking/Internet-technologies. enHansen supplies hardware and software products to offer complete solutions for Enterprise endeavors.


enHansen's personnel has an aggregate 46 years of experience in the information-technology industry.


enHansen's personally-committed Services include:


  • Business needs analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility options analysis
  • Systems integration analysis/planning
  • Security analysis/planning
  • Quality-assurance analysis/planning
  • Procurement analysis/planning
  • Project management
  • WAN/LAN/Internet network-integration
  • Security/Firewall implementation
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementation
  • Wireless network implementation
  • Systems-Integration implementation
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Quality-assurance implementation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Analysis, planning & technical writing




enHansen has provided its personally-committed services to customers in the Education, Manufacturing, Insurance, Distribution, Telecommunications, Advertising, Service, Agriculture, Research and Government industries.


enHansen maintains technical proficiency with Microsoft Windows workstation and server operating systems and Hewlett-Packard/Compaq/Digital OVMS operating-systems in multi-protocol WAN, LAN and Internet environments. Communications and collaborative applications including e-mail in these environments have been part of enHansen?s experience-profile since its incorporation.? enHansen is also involved in Internet-integrated, application-development projects including web-application creation, maintenance and support.




President: Lloyd D. Hansen, B.A., M.Math

Vice-President Finance & Administration: Marilyn C. Hansen, G.N., B.A.







President: Lloyd D. Hansen, B.A., M.Math




Bachelor of Arts & Science (Physics and Mathematics), University of Saskatchewan, 1967

 Master of Mathematics, (Computer Science), University Waterloo, Ontario, 1971





Experience includes personally-committed management- and technical-consulting services associated with the application of computer-, electronic-communications-, security and networking/Internet-technologies delivered to:


  • St. Mary's College
  • Thunder Creek School Division
  • Saskatchewan Valley School Division
  • McCallum Insurance Brokers
  • ABC Manufacturers of Canada Ltd.
  • Creative Wood Interiors
  • Carousel Foods Incorporated
  • Saskatoon Fire Protection
  • Saskatoon Public Schools
  • Saskatoon Catholic Schools
  • Regina Catholic Schools
  • Division of Facilities Management, University of Saskatchewan
  • Varimax
  • Sask Watch
  • Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation
  • Saskatchewan School Trustee's Association
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Regina
  • Saskatchewan Dept. of Agriculture
  • SaskTel
  • Atomic Energy of Canada, Ont.
  • Hahn Meitner Institut fpan>Kernforschung, Berlin, West Germany




during employment with firms including:


enHansen Information Systems Ltd.

Excel Consulting

 Digital Equipment of Canada


Atomic Energy of Canada

Hahn Meitner Institut fonforschung (Berlin)



Vice-President Finance & Administration: Marilyn C. Hansen, G.N., B.A.



Formal Education: 

Diploma of Nursing, St Elizabeth Hospital, Humboldt Sask.,1963

Bachelor of Arts and Science (Hons), University of Saskatchewan, 1992


1992-today Business Administration including proficiency with QuickBooks financial system

1985-86 General Duty, Orthopedics & Urology

1984-85 General Duty, Orthopedics

1969-70 General Duty, Gynecology & Private Duty

1968-69 General Duty, Medicine

1966-67 General Duty, Gynecology

1963-64 General Duty, Neurosurgery



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